Accelerate Innovation through Technology with Rob Rastovich of ThingLogix - EP189

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly
In this week's episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we chat with Rob Rastovich the CTO of ThingLogix, a low-code platform built on AWS, Google, and Azure to accelerate innovation and system development, reduce cost and risk, and deliver future-proof applications. We learn about Rob's passion and the love he has for AG.  Recently Rob's team just launched their newest product,, a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system that collects data 24/7 and sends alerts when it detects equipment failure. It prevents food spoilage while putting money back in your pocket. When he’s not at the forefront of IoT, Rob is maintaining his cattle ranch, Barley Beef, in Central Oregon. The cows roam free-range, eat barley from nearby breweries, and drink from mountain streams. In true CTO fashion, the farm has working wifi across its 200 acres. Join Patrick and Rob this week talk about technology and improving for the future!!!! Technology for farmers should come from Farmers!!! FANCY SPONSORS: Ag Tools, Inc.:, Flavor Wave, LLC.:, Noble Citrus:, Buck Naked Onions/Owyhee Produce, Inc.: and John Greene Logistics Company: CHOICE SPONSORS: Indianapolis Fruit Company:, Equifruit: Arctic® Apples: Sev-Rend Corporation: and Golden Star Citrus, Inc.: STANDARD SPONSORS: London Fruit Inc., Fresh Cravings: and Freshway Produce: