Part 3, Joe Exotic, The Judge and The Journalist - EP123

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly
In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly, Michael Chavez Co-Host this episode with Theresa McKeown and of course Joe Exotic The TIGER KING. We are going to hear more from Joe on the animals, where the profits to the zoo went and what we have all been waiting for Joe's favorite Fruit and Vegetable. Join us for Part 3 with this group as they explore #justiceforjoe while also keeping it produce related. There are many aspects of a Zoo that is similar to a farmer or agriculture worker. There is plenty of first, boots and of course sh**... During this episode we will hear Theresa's final thoughts and how to find out more about the trial and even more answers on what Joe's favorite fruit and veggie are!  Come here from Joe yourself and find out his favorite fruit and veggie.  FANCY SPONSORS: Terra Exports:, Ag Tools, Inc.:, Flavor Wave, LLC.:,  Noble Citrus: & Buck Naked Onions/Owyhee Produce, Inc.: CHOICE SPONSORS: Equifruit:, Arctic® Apples: and Golden Star Citrus, Inc.: STANDARD SPONSORS: Indianapolis Fruit Company: and John Greene Logistics Company: