Sara Metzger, iTrade Network & Martha Montoya, AgTools, Inc. - EP137

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast with Patrick Kelly we host our Fancy Sponsor, Martha Montoya, CEO of AgTools, Inc. talking all things Data and Analytics and our featured guest of the day Sara Metzger, Sr. Solutions Director at iTrade Network, Inc. During this episode we will hear a bit from Martha on how the industry is adapting to bringing technology into their business and how exhausting the produce and supply chain industry is! You need a break and technology can help! 

AgTools provides business-critical access to accurate, objective, and frequently updated real-time information along with the performance applications and monitoring systems to provide management with the tools to develop, implement and monitor business initiatives and results. Agtools clients benefit from data points for each link in the supply chain to improve your category and the performance of each function inside the organization.

Next, we hear from Sara Metzger of iTrade setting the record straight that iTrade is more than a procurement platform!!! If you are a buyer or a seller in the produce industry you must know iTrade. You can place and submit orders on the platform to and from your customer, but did you know about their traceability initiatives, tracking and labels products? We learn from Sara just how iTrade is more than a purchasing platform. iTrade is helping further technology in the produce and supply chain industry. 

Today, we offer an expanded platform that is highly configurable, with functionality across all major procurement and order management processes. Among the most popular are solutions designed to improve efficiency and provide greater visibility across the supply chain for Procurement, Traceability, Analytics and our foundational Data Services.

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