Bianca Kaprielian, CEO of Fruit World - EP143

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we have our Choice Sponsors Indianapolis Fruit Companies, Vice President of Retail Execution, Ross Nelson Co-hosting our special guest Bianca Kaprielian, CEO of Fruit World. Now Ross and Bianca currently do business together and are not afraid to show it. Throughout this conversation we are going to learn about the rich history of the Kaprielians as well as Bianca starting out on her own venture, but still with the family. 

From West to East Coast and then back to the family farms, Bianca will give you the story on how Fruit World started and why they are making the moves they are in the produce and supply chain industry. Join Ross and Patrick dive into organic citrus in California as well as the other staple items that Fruit World procure. 

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