AGRIpreneur on the Rise - EP155

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast with Patrick Kelly we have our Fancy Sponsor "Buck Naked Onions" and Owyhee Produce's very own Agripreneur, Shay Myers. Shay is no stranger to the podcast and has been on a few times in the past including being in the very first 10 episodes of the show. 

Shay is a third-generation farm-kid and so incredibly proud of it. Owyhee Produce grows enough food on THEIR FAMILY FARM to feed literally TEN's of MILLIONS of AMERICANS. "SO COOL!" - says Shay

Shay is the face of the farm and company, he explains "I MUST educate the consumer. I NEED them to understand that THEIR food is grown -AT SCALE- to be inexpensive and SUPER SAFE, but I also need them to understand what MONEY, EFFORT, CARE and PASSION it takes to get all of this done." 

Let's chat with Patrick Kelly and Shay Myers on this second Monday in January 2022 chopping up what to expect for 2022, who is this buck naked onion character and more from the life of a farm kid. 

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