The Rise of Fresh Salsa and Hummus w/ Fresh Craving's Jay Whitney - EP175

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly
In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we have our "Standard Sponsor" Fresh Craving's very own Jay Whitney, Chief Marketing Officer. FoodStory Brands (FSB) is a team of food-obsessed experts in branding, prime sourcing, product development and logistics. FSB specializes in product innovation and speed-to-market solutions across all food and beverage categories in the nation’s leading food retailers. Hear from Jay as he talks about the end of the "SALSABRATE" the good campaign, new product innovations, HUMMUS, and partners that are making this salsa spread like WILDFIRE!!! FSB is very proud of the 6 types of HUMMUS that have been launched in the United States (Listen to hear all the flavors). FSB's core salsa foundation and humus mix are making waves in the produce department and have great repeat purchase rates!!!  Join Patrick and Jay talk about the best snacking experiences!!!!! FANCY SPONSORS: Ag Tools, Inc.:, Flavor Wave, LLC.:,  Noble Citrus:, Buck Naked Onions/Owyhee Produce, Inc.: and John Greene Logistics Company: CHOICE SPONSORS:  Indianapolis Fruit Company:, Equifruit: Arctic® Apples: Sev-Rend Corporation: and Golden Star Citrus, Inc.: STANDARD SPONSORS:  London Fruit Inc., Fresh Cravings: and Freshway Produce: