From California to Michoacán w/ Jose Pardo of CalMich® - EP179

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we bring Avocados from Michoacán with Jose Pardo, Director of Business Development of CalMich®

CalMich focuses on building strong relationships with fresh produce growers. This allows CalMich® to guarantee the importation and distribution of premium quality products in North America.

A great beginning comes from a good seed. CalMich® products reflect the passion for the field and the solutions they have created to bring it to your table.

Jose gives us a 30,000 foot over view of the organization, all the products they import and export as well as what is in the field and on the horizon with CalMich. Patrick and Jose talk about produce and supply chain people being the first line of defense when it comes to eating produce, leadership and what they do everyday!!!!

Join Patrick and Jose have fun in the PRODUCE INDUSTRY....

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