W15 - Bringing it Home w/ Laura McIntosh on FRESH FROM THE FIELD FRIDAY'S - EP37

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of FRESH FROM THE FIELD FRIDAY'S w/ Dan The Produce Man Avakian we go Intergalactic with Produce and the future with our featured guest Laura McIntosh who is a fifth generation farmer and host of Bringing it Home TV series.  Dan the Produce Man and Laura share the Three A's of Spring. No, No, NO we are are not grading them......

Cooking around the world, Asparagus Pesto, how to keep purple asparagus purple when cooking, California Avocados amongst many other goodies! Join Dan and Laura talk all things produce and have fun and as Laura said "A good Italian Dan uses a little olive oil and vinegar, you put that salt and pepper in the mixture and just dip away!"

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