For the Love of Avocados

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Ever wonder how that perfect piece of avocado toast made it onto your plate? Or how the avocado grew from a food to a phenomenon? For the Love of Avocados, a podcast by Mission Produce, is your one-stop shop for all things avocados. With almost four decades of fresh avocado experience, we’re here to “guac” about tips and tricks, avocado farming, marketplace trends and everything in between. Still hungry for more avocado knowledge? Visit us at to learn more! Mission Produce

To close out National Nutrition Month, we hear from board-certified, licensed nutritionist Monica Reinagel, on how you can “up the nutritional ante” in your day-to-day lifestyle by power pairing

31st Mar 2022
31 minutes

In anticipation of the Big Game 2022, Mission sits down with Katie Austin (@katieaustin), Health & Fitness Influencer, Host of Austin AF Podcast, and Kim Charon (@charcuterie_n_things),

27th Jan 2022
19 minutes

For this episode, we’ll be taking a look at the state of the avocado category, how it performed in 2021, and analyze the key sourcing and consumption trends we’ve seen throughout the year.

10th Jan 2022
15 minutes

As we wrap up 2021, who better to speak with than Matt Britton, CEO & Founder of Suzy, the consumer intelligence platform used by over 300 leading global brands? As a Suzy client ourselves, we

30th Dec 2021
23 minutes

Dana Gunders, national expert and strategic advisor for food waste reduction, joins us to look at the state of food waste in the home. We discuss major causes and practical solutions for food

25th Nov 2021
39 minutes

In this special episode, we are joined by none other than Steve Barnard, CEO & Founder of Mission Produce, to open up a series on the birth of the global avocado phenomenon. Steve introduces

2nd Nov 2021
14 minutes

Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist, Dr. Uma Naidoo, author of national bestseller, “This Is Your Brain on Food,” speaks to us about eating for brain health and mental well-being. We discuss the

26th Aug 2021
22 minutes

Growing the perfect avocado is no easy feat. So, what does it take to manage a farm and keep the trees producing bountiful fruit? In this episode, we sit down with

29th Jul 2021
18 minutes

Have you ever wondered how that guacamole got on your plate? Or the tomato in your burger, or the onions in your salad? In this month’s episode, we discuss all aspects of the produce supply chain,

27th May 2021
27 minutes

Let us introduce Alessandro Biggi, Shark Tank winner and co-founder of the world’s first avocado bar based in New York, Avocaderia. As a huge fan of avocados and their natural nutritional

25th Mar 2021
20 minutes

It’s game time, folks! Welcome to our first podcast episode. We sit down with a quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, champion of the 2021 Big Game, and Southern California hometown

25th Feb 2021
16 minutes

You’re listening to “For the Love of Avocados,” a podcast by Mission Produce! With almost four decades of fresh avocado experience, we’re here to “guac” about tips and tricks, avocado farming,

12th Feb 2021
20 seconds