The Judge & The Journalist

12 episodes

Meet Suzie Sexton "The Judge" and Theresa McKeown "The Journalist" as we take you down murder, mayhem, and mystery in this crime series. We will bring you both sides of the bench! Suzie bringing her A game from behind the bench and Theresa battling through the media of the truth! One thing is certain - both want JUSTICE!!! Theresa McKeown

"Our last podcast is a "Bonus Episode" with Marty Montes, an astrological life coach, spiritual author, and inspirational speaker.  In this episode, we thought it might be fun to hear what

22nd Oct 2021
32 minutes

“In our series finale we have a truly thought-provoking interview with Investigative Consultant Jim Rathmann.  Jim does a stellar job of piecing together the many moving parts, investigative

15th Oct 2021
53 minutes

Everyone knows that Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin have been feuding for years, but how did it all get started?  Who instigated this fight, what was the point of it, and how will it ever get

8th Oct 2021
26 minutes

Another great interview with our expert on the federal judicial system  In this episode, Todd Foster, a former FBI Agent and federal prosecutor, who is now a federal defense attorney

1st Oct 2021
35 minutes

This episode is one of two that really help our audience understand what Joe Exotic was up against, when facing federal prosecutors.  The Feds are a tough bunch in the courtroom and our

24th Sep 2021
27 minutes

"As we continue our compelling conversation with Joe’s loyal friend and confidant, we hear all the details surrounding the conviction of Joe largely based on the testimony of Allen Glover, the

10th Sep 2021
36 minutes

“There are few, if any, that know Joe Exotic better than Anne Patrick.  She is not only one of his most loyal friends and confidants, but she was living at the zoo when the whole alleged

3rd Sep 2021
30 minutes

Our compelling conversation continues with guest, Sylvia Corkill, senior reporter/weekend evening anchor for CBS affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City. This Emmy-awarding winning broadcast journalist

27th Aug 2021
33 minutes

Cameras are banned from federal courtrooms, so there is no video of the “United States of America vs Joseph Maldonado-Passage” trial.  We found the next best thing - an in-depth interview

20th Aug 2021
28 minutes


This introductory episode is where we give our audience a fresh narrative on Joe Exotic, before we jump into the nitty-gritty of his trial.  Our hosts

13th Aug 2021
27 minutes

In this episode we introduce you to The Judge and The Journalist series and what the show entails. Join us on this short trailer to lean more.

9th Aug 2021
5 minutes