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Welcome to the produce life podcast. Each week we will have exciting industry conversations with various produce industry guests on various topics. We have so many fun and exciting topics to discuss. Together we can all create a fun and exciting way to make the produce industry fun again. As produce businesses, it’s time to be bold and stand out. Now is the time to be clever, to think different and help rise your brand to the next level. The Produce Life
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In this final episode I briefly talk about my next media path and thank you all for the continued support.
12th Dec 2021
5 minutes
There is no need to have it all, make the best of what you have. We discuss the importance of the holiday and how we spend our time.
1st Dec 2021
12 minutes
I was honored to have Mattie from John Greene Logistics Company join me and talk about logistics as well as her personal battle Type 1 diabetes. Very informative chat and look forward to hearing more
16th Nov 2021
54 minutes
What an amazing interview into the supply chain with one of the most dedicated truck drivers I have met. I hope that you all will be as impressed as I was learning about Dan’s passion and dedication
15th Nov 2021
52 minutes
Hope everyone is well. How is the produce life treating you? What are your predictions of the industry? Let’s chat!
12th Nov 2021
11 minutes
Clubhouse for our industry? I believe so and look forward to checking just how to make it a successful playground tool of knowledge for us all. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The
29th Mar 2021
5 minutes
In this short clip Host Patrick Kelly of the Produce Industry Podcast and Brent Erenwert discuss navigating the waters of COVID-19. This is an exciting show coming 4.1.2020
27th Mar 2020
13 minutes
Very exciting episode on a very innovative product that Mike Mauti created. This is a product I feel every produce buyer today needs. To
22nd Jan 2020
27 minutes
In today’s short episode we discuss the question of what is your company’s culture, are you reminding everyone of it, how can we enforce it? This is a very short episode that I hope we can all gain
10th Dec 2019
6 minutes
In this episode we look at the recent bankruptcy of Dean foods. Was this another example of a great company not evolving to the market trends? We hope that you will listen and provide us feedback.
26th Nov 2019
8 minutes
In this episode we discuss what exactly does a food contamination outbreak cost an establishment? There are so many factors which we do not think about when not verifying the path of our food chain.
26th Nov 2019
10 minutes
Today we discuss how the marketplace is rolling out. Why we chose this format, and the future if the platform. Short but informative segment that you will not want to miss.
18th Nov 2019
6 minutes
This week we continue on a two year battle on do the trade shows have enough roi to make sense? We would love your input. Please share away. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The
25th Oct 2019
21 minutes
Today we show our appreciation to truck drivers. Each day they leave their family to meet the needs of all of our families. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a
26th Sep 2019
7 minutes
In this episode we break down the data from the recent industry survey. The results are somewhat surprising. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
17th Jul 2019
13 minutes
In this short episode we breakdown the questions in the long awaited produce industry survey. This 2 minute survey will help us examine several simple but critical aspects of the current state of our
6th Jul 2019
7 minutes
In this short episode I discuss how trust is the key to jump starting a successful organization. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
19th Mar 2019
13 minutes
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